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I believe video should deliver results. My approach combines expertise & passion to understand you and your audience, to create media that will engage, inspire and urge people to act.

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Engage your audience

Video is hands down the best way to get people’s attention and get your message across – it’s immersive, instant and easy to connect with emotionally. Effective video drives action. Whether you are looking to increase awareness, highlight a product, sell your services or share your story, I help you by creating media that speaks to the right audience, the right way.

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What I Can Do For You

Don’t know where to start? That’s OK. I will consult with you, and help you define your goals, put a strategy in place, and help you showcase your business or brand in a way that will engage your audience and help you achieve success.


People connect and respond to a good story. You are unique and your business or brand is a reflection of that. Your story deserves to be told in a way that will engage your audience and compel a reaction.

Creative ideas

How can you tell your unique story in a way that is both engaging and entertaining while getting your message across? I can help.

About Me

Jeremy Elerick

With years of experience excelling in positions such as Small Business manager, Lead Editor for a Production Studio, and Creative Director for a multi-million dollar non-profit,  I finally decided to step out and start Trolley Pictures & Co. with a vision to help businesses and brands achieve their goals. From my early work as a set designer, to editing videos for nationally recognized brands, I have always had a knack for bringing a level of creativity and professionalism to each project. Operating my own media production company has given me the flexibility to spend more time with my lovely and supportive wife and children.